TDB-1200F/P blow molding machine

Our TDB-1200F extrusion blow molding machine, is mainly for producing IBC tanks size up to 1200L, we can make the extrusion blow molding machine with single layer and double layer configuration for customers different demand requirement. This model extrusion blow molding machine is equipped with servo hydraulic system, so that is energy saving. Many customers are using our single layer and double layer TDB-1200F extrusion blow molding machine producing their IBC tanks, and leading the market.

Technical Parameters

MODEL Units TDB-1200F
Max. Product volume
Output of HDPE
Clamping force
Screw diametre
Screw heating power
Blow pressure

Product Details

The die head of our extrusion blow molding machines are designed by our own R&D department, manufactured and assembled by our assembling center, to ensure the confidentiality of the core technology and the manufacturing precision, and at the same time facilitate the later debugging and maintenance.



What can Tongda do for you?

If you’re interested in our machines, we welcome your visit at any time. seeing is believing, TONGDA MACHINERY with own manufacture and developed & research team & after-service team, we can supply you machine with good quality and good after-service.

How to guarantee our funds be safe?

We’re leading manufacturer of extrusion blow molding machine with over 23 years experience, and is the vice chairman of China Plastics Hollow Making Machinery Industry Association.

How to guarantee the delivery time?

For each order, we will create an exclusive order processing task list, which including machine model, order time, expected delivery time, exact configuration, mould testing requirement, important time points such as deadline for engineering to make drawing, deadline for assembling the machine. This list has been signed by the heads of each department for confirmation. And our Program Management Center and sales will always follow and update the status for each stage.

What should I do if the product is severely deformed?

1) Correct the abnormal shape of the die properly; 2) The product is not cooled enough, and the cooling water temperature needs to be lowered, or the cycle should be appropriately extended;
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